Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to post a job?

We have two pricing options for non-premium posts:

  1. You can pay $95 for a single 30-day job posting.
  2. You can buy a bulk pack of five 30-day job postings at a discounted price of $380, a discount of $95. After you purchase a bulk pack, you’ll have the option to publish the postings at any time.

All postings are listed on this site and on our partner sites, Chalkbeat Jobs Board and the Catalyst Jobs Board.

To make your job listing even more prominent, you can pay an extra $95 to have the post highlighted in our Featured Jobs section.

How can I pay for a job posting?

You can pay for a job posting using a Paypal account or a credit card. To inquire about other payment options, write to

How do I get invoiced for a job posting purchase?

To arrange to be invoiced, please email

How will I know when my job has expired?

You will receive an email notifying you when your posting expires. You will then be able to log into your jobs board account and relist your posting. A job posting that has expired will no longer show up on the site.

How can I relist a posting?

You can pay to relist an expired or ended job. Go to “My Dashboard.” Login, if necessary, then click on “Ended/Expired” to view your postings that are not active. Click “Relist” to initiate the relisting process.

How do I edit a job listing or remove it from the site?

Go to “My Dashboard”. Login, if necessary, then click on the “Edit” or “End” link if you’d like to edit or remove the job listing from the site.

How do I see how many job posting credits I have?

Go to “My Dashboard”. Login, if necessary, then click on the “Job Packs” tab and see how many job credits you have remaining.  See here for an example.

I forgot my password and/or username. How can I find it?

Go to the login screen and click on Lost your password?

Anything else?

For any further questions, please email